The chairs are handmade on Praslin island by local craftsmen using indigenous materials. The team is working on building each chair to my specifications, ensuring the highest level of quality and comfort.

The chairs are made of Catappa-wood ( Badamier ), which is joined to make a frame which supports the Polyester cloth expanded within. Polypropylen ropes from all four corners lead towards a single stainless steel metal chain, which can the be hung from a supporting feature of your choice, a palm tree, a gazebo, etc.
This allows free swinging.

Each chair measures about 105 cm by 68 cm, inside 88 cm by 60 cm.
Plesase notice that all mettalparts are stainless steel.
Also take notice that you are able to chance the angle of the seatpossition
in the way you like in a very simple way.

It´s possible to change the cloth anytime without any tools.
The SeyCair is tested up to 150 kg.

The wood frame can be painted to suit your needs, and a large variety of seating cloth colours and rope finishes can be chosen.

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